Your Guide to luggage storage in London, UK

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I wish for everyone to travel better, and save time! Time is precious and I created this guide to free you from your luggage and spend that extra day during fun things like visiting some of the amazing museums, attractions, restaurants, graffiti alley, or just hanging out at the park… luggage free.

Storing your luggage in London is genius and this guide will help you navigate options

Are you checking out of your Airbnb or your hotel is on the other side of the city, or you have a business meeting but don’t want to carry your luggage with you. Well then there are high chances that you may be passing through these popular places:

Kings Cross
London Bridge
Victoria Station
Buckingham Palace
The London Eye
The British Museum

You may click on any of these links to find the nearest luggage storage location and information about each place.

Some wonderful sights to visit luggage free

We recommend dropping off your luggage at BagsAway Luggage Storage

I compared a number of brands currently operating in London such as BagsAway, Stasher, Bagbnb, and NannyBag, and look at several factors, giving you peace of mind and more days to spend doing the things you love. Factors include convenience, the safety of your luggage, and website ease-of-use