London Gatwick Airport

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London Gatwick Airport is a major international Airport 29 miles south of Central London. Gatwick is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom by passenger traffic after Heathrow International Airport. The airport has two terminals, the south terminal, and the north terminal. it has only one active runway but there is a secondary runway that exists but it is currently not active. London Gatwick Airport is also known as the busiest airport in the world to operate domestic & International flights with a single runway.

London Gatwick Airport
Source: South terminal image

London Gatwick Airport is located at a distance of 47 km from Central London. The airport opened in the late 1920s and now it is owned and managed by Global Infrastructure Partners. Over 35 airlines including British Airways and TUI airways serve roughly 41 million passengers every year, transporting them to more than 200 worldwide destinations. the airport is well connected to the city by public transport services and direct shuttles, and it takes around 1 hour to get the to airport.

Where to Store Your Luggage?

Excess Baggage Company offers left luggage facilities at the airport, You can use their storage whether you need to leave your bags for a couple of hours or for a few weeks. You can find their storage location in both terminals before the security check-in area. Service is available for 24 hours in the south terminal, But in the north terminal, the storage facility is available between 5:00 AM – 22:00 PM. Also, they offer more services like Baggage shipping and forwarding, Courier services.

Luggage Storage London
Image by Excess baggage Company

There aren’t alternative options like lockers and hotels to store bags. But travellers can store luggage outside the airport using luggage storage facilities with secure storage providers like BagsAway, STasher, LuggageHero, and more. Well, these companies are very cost-effective when it comes to luggage storage options. And you can go with your preferred location and company. But among all those options Excess Baggage co. is the most expensive and these companies are known to be the most affordable option for both long-term and short-term storage.

How much does it cost to store bags?

Excess Baggage company offers both long-term and short-term left luggage facilities and charges £6.00 per item for up to 3 hours and £11.00 per item for up to 24 hours. £7.50 per item for your second 24-hour period, after 72 hours the rate is £5 per item. For other services like baggage shipping and forwarding from the airport, they charge depending on the size of items and weight.

STasher charges £6 per item for 2 hours, and £11 for 24 hours, and companies like LuggageHero can charge between £2-4 per hour or £10-15 per item. However, BagsAway is the most affordable service provider that charges as low as £1.5 per hour and makes it easy to store bags pick up luggage and deliver it back when you prefer.

More Info about London Gatwick Airport

Airport Name & Code: LGW, Gatwick Airport (London Gatwick)
Location: Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, London, United Kingdom
Parking: Available, Book before the visit
Telephone: +44 344 892 0322

Note: The airport offers lost and found support for the convenience of travellers, You can visit the Informations Desk or You can write an email to the support team, items are kept for 30 days at Excess Baggage Storage at terminals. 

What to Expect?

London Gatwick airport terminals feature a lot of lounges and hotels for its passengers, it also offers all other important facilities and services in both terminals. There are 30+ restaurants, cafes, and bars, where you can get your favourite food, coffee, and drinks. Buty-free shopping experience makes this airport one of the best airports in London.

You get everything from casual & stylish clothes to fashion & Beauty products, and travel accessories, you can find stores of brands like Collection at the North terminal, and Boots & Boss at the South Terminal, Airlines also offers premium lounges for its business-class travellers. Wi-Fi and charging stations will help you to get connected to the internet all-time at the Airport. to pass your time you can get a free newspaper or a magazine at the airport.

London Gatwick Airport
Source: | North Terminal Image

Regus Express offers dedicated soundproof work pods to work better without noise but this service is relatively expensive it costs around $10-12 per 30 minutes. ATMs cash machines are available throughout both terminals, You can use valid international and domestic cards to get cash. Moneycorp has currency exchange desks in both terminals and it is available 24 hours,  If you need any help you can contact airport support for special assistance. And the airport also has parking areas in both terminals.

Best hotels near London Gatwick Airport

Hotels near London Gatwick Airport
Image by hotel

Travelodge Gatwick Airport: 1.5 km away from the airport, a budget hotel with quality services, #5 best hotel near Gatwick London, 4.1 average ratings on Google & other booking sites, Starting at $70 per night.

Hotel Hilton Gatwick: #1 Best value near the airport, located at a short distance of 2 km from the airport, offers quality services, 4.0 average ratings on Google, Starting at $140 per night.

Gatwick Corner House: A Budget hotel with quality services, 2.1 km away from the airport, 4+ average ratings by customers on TripAdvisor, and Agoda Starting at $105 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Where can I leave my luggage at Gatwick Airport?

The Airport offers the left-luggage facility with Excess Baggage Company, it costs £6 per item for up to 3 hours, and prices can be different depending on the duration. And there are no alternative options such as lockers. But you can store it with storage providers.

Q: Does Gatwick have a train station?

Yes, The train station is located at the South Terminal and is also just a few minutes from the North Terminal by a free shuttle. Gatwick Express runs between the airport and London Victoria Station, it departs every 15 minutes, and takes around 30-40 minutes to get to the airport, it costs £19.90 for adults.

Q: What is the cheapest way from Gatwick to London?

The cheapest way from Gatwick to London is, Traveling by coach it costs £8 – £15 per passenger, and it takes almost 1 hour to reach the city.

Q: What city is Gatwick Airport in?

Gatwick Airport (LGW) is located south of London. The Gatwick Express is a nonstop train service between the airport and Victoria station in central London that connects the airport to the city.