Big Ben and Parliament

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About Big Ben And Parliament

Big Ben (The Clock Tower) is one of the iconic tourist attractions of the United Kingdom, and a must-visit place in Central London. The official name of the tower was “The Clock Tower” until it was renamed “Elizabeth Tower” in 2012. And Technically Big Ben is a massive bell inside the clock tower But people often use “Big Ben” for the tower itself. The design and the construction of the tower were completed in 1859, and the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster is probably the most famous clock in the world visited by millions of travellers from around the globe.

Big Ben and Parliament

The Palace of Westminster better known as The Houses of Parliament is the oldest royal palace in the United Kingdom, It is also one of the most iconic buildings in the world. And currently, it serves as the centre of the British Government, and the meeting place for both the house of lords and the house of the commons. The royal palace was constructed in the 11th century and it was the primary residence for kings of the United Kingdom until the palace was destroyed in 1834 by fire. Now the oldest existing part of the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Hall.

The Palace of Westminster is located Between Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge on the north bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, In London. And Big Ben has become one of the cultural symbols of the United Kingdom, Big Ben and Parliament are not only popular attractions but this location is also known as London’s perfect location for filmmaking and photoshoots.

Where to Store Your Luggage?

The Elizabeth Tower is currently closed for refurbishment, But you can still take a tour of the Houses of Parliament, But there aren’t lockers or left-luggage facilities. But You can get left-luggage facilities at the main train stations in London. You can store your bags and luggage at Victoria Station which is very close to Big Ben and Parliament. Excess-Baggage Company helps travellers to store their luggage at the Station.

Alternatively, Luggage Storage Companies also offer left luggage facilities at locations across the city, Services can be used because these companies are pretty safe and secure to store with. You can store with them more conveniently as they offer flexibility, and insurance as well as no limit on the size or weight of your items. We recommend dropping off your luggage at luggage storage offered by BagsAway and Stasher, and others rather than choosing excess baggage.

Luggage Storage at Big Ben And Parliament

Pricing: Excess Left Luggage facilities are available at a charge of £7-£30 at Victoria Station and it can be different at other stations and airports. and Luggage storage companies charge between £1.5 -£3 per hour or £5-15 per item for 24 hour.

More Info About Big Ben & Parlament 

Opening Time: At any time you can visit Big Ben and Parliament from the outside, the houses of Parliament (The Palace) are open on Saturday only for tours and at 9:00 AM.

Tickets & Fees: There is no charge for Big Ben (Clock Tower) visit, But If you want to visit the Palace of Westminster you need to book tickets online at, Also you can also attend debates.

Name & Location: Palace of Westminster, Elizabeth Tower, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom.

Contact Info: [email protected] – You can contact them for general inquiries or other queries.

What To Expect?

Big Ben And Parliament

Big Ben and Parliament both are famous attractions in London, There are a number of places to visit near the clock tower and the palace. Obviously, You need to explore the area around Big Ben and Parliament travelers love to see the view of the building and Clock tower from Westminster Bridge.

You can visit Westminster Abbey A thousand years old church that has hosted many royal weddings and burials. Visit St. James Park a public park that opened in 1987 and is one of London’s finest green spaces. Also, you can visit nearby places such as restaurants and shopping malls. Mio Restaurant offers delicious food. You can visit Victoria Shopping Center to get something exciting for yourself. Also, you can walk around the area and you must try it if you are in a group.

Best Hotel near Big Ben And Parliament

Hotels near Big Ben And Parliament

London Marriot Hotel: 380 m from Big Ben & Parliament, A 5-star hotel with a premium level of services, and 4.8 average ratings on booking websites like Expedia, Google Hotels, TripAdvisor, and more. relatively expensive Hotel, Starting at $200 per night.

The Trafalgar St. James By Hilton: Luxury hotel close to Big Ben, 0.7 km away from the area, Premium services, 4.8 average ratings on TripAdvisor and Google, starting at $350 per night.

Point A Hotel, Westminster: Located at a distance of 0.9 km from Big Ben and Parliament, the Best budget hotel in Westminster, with 4.0 average ratings on Google and TripAdvisor, Starting at $85 per night.

Frequently Asked Question!

Q: Where to Leave luggage near Big Ben London?

There are no lockers available, But London’s main stations have left-luggage facilities You can store your bags at Victoria Station, Also storage companies offer left luggage facilities at locations across the city.

Q: Can you go inside Big Ben?

Visitors are allowed to take a tour inside the Houses of Parliament, but You can go inside Big Ben if you are a local citizen of the United Kingdom.

Q: Why is Big Ben called Big Ben?

Big Ben is referred to as the Great Bell inside the Clock tower, It was the largest bell in the United Kingdom for 23 years.

Q: Can you visit the Palace of Westminster?

Yes, You can visit The Palace of Westminster on Saturdays only, and the opening time is 9:00 AM for tours. To visit the houses of parliament You need to book tickets from their official website.