London Victoria Station

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Have you just arrived at Victoria Station and you want to free yourself from luggage worries? Well, You’re in luck, Becuase we’ve put together all the necessary information here in this guide to help you store luggage at Victoria Station.

If you’re in London, chances are you already started planning your sightseeing tour of all the incredible attractions. After all, London is well known for its beautiful landmarks like London Tower Bridge & The British Museum and more. But rolling suitcases and trolleys right behind you will make your ideal London trip one which isn’t worth the expenses.

Because most of the tourist attractions don’t offer you the storage, you should leave or store your luggage at the station or near the station. And there‘s nothing to worry about because several luggage storage options are available out there near London Victoria Station.

About Victoria Station

Being a major underground railway terminus, Victoria Station is known as the second busiest railway station in London. Located in the city of Westminster in central London, it has a direct connection with London’s busiest airport (Gatwick International Airport) with a dedicated high-speed train named Gatwick Express that offers quick access to the airport. Victoria Coach Station is also around the corner, it’s a coach station that offers long-distance coaches for all cities in London and around the United Kingdom.

Victoria Station

Along with connecting international travellers from Gatwick to central London, Victoria Station serves nearly 75 million passengers each year. It was opened in 1860 and named after Victoria street (not the queen). Although the station has been upgraded a few times including a major upgrade in 2010, Victoria still remains an important transport hub serving both the Brighton and Chatham Main Lines as well as the nearby area of Victoria.

Where to Store Luggage at Victoria Station?

Left luggage facility available at the station makes it an ideal and safe place to store luggage for locals as well as international visitors. Luggage storage availability turns out to be useful given that there are a number of famous attractions including Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, and The houses of Parliament, which are located right outside the station. Keeping your bags away from you gives you a much more hustle-free experience and lets you enjoy your sightseeing all around the city.

Source: EOS Patras

The left luggage facility at Victoria Train Station is offered by Excess Baggage Company, and you can either choose their service to store your items or you can choose more convenient online storage service-based companies that offer more flexibility and affordable pricing. But here are the details about the left luggage office at Victoria Station for your convenience.

Location: Platforms 7-8
Opening Time: 07:00 AM – 11:59 PM, Monday to Sunday
Contact Info: +44 20 3468 455

Alternative Options to Store Luggage near Victoria Station

There are almost ten companies offering storage services at a few well-known locations and near every major transit spot in the city. You can either choose left luggage at the station even though it costs a lot or you can go with any of these luggage storing companies such as BagsAway, Stasher, NannyBag, LuggageHero and more.

Why should you choose these luggage storage providers over traditional self-access lockers? Well, the reason is, the flexibility and convenience they offer. Because they mostly store everywhere in the city partnering with different hotels, shops, and Airbnb properties as well as with their own facility, they offer affordable pricing. Along with multiple locations they offer safe and secure spaces for storage. You can book your prefered luggage drop time, the duration for the storage, and the number of items and drop them off for a luggage-free experience in Victoria London.

How Much Does it Cost to Store Luggage at Victoria Station?

The prices are always dependent on different factors that include the duration of the storage, the number of items, and sometimes the size of the item also does matter for some storage facilities at the station. And to store luggage at the station with a storage facility available there, it costs around £5 for an item for the duration of up to three hours. For 3-24 hours you will be charged around £10, and £10 extra a day for long-term storage.

Then the pricing by companies comes and it turns out to be very cost-effective as they all provide some sort of discounts if you choose to store for a long-term. And there is no time limit, nor there will be a limit on the size and weights of your items. You can store it for as long as one hour or go as long as one week or even a month. And you will be charged between £1-3 per hour or £5-8 for a day.

Best Place to Store Luggage near Victoria Train Station

There are multiple locations, and it’s almost 30-40 locations where you can drop off your luggage outside London stations or airports with these companies. And then there are left-luggage facilities at all major transportation hubs. So, finding luggage storage is not a hard thing anymore. You just need to interact with the map a little bit and find a suitable location near you where you can store them and pick them up easily. Storing at the station? You just ask the information desk for the exact location of the storage facility.

What about the nearest and closest location to London Victoria? Well, it’s located just right in the corner, it’s 240m to be exact and hardly a 5 minutes walk away from the station. If you are not comfortable storing outside the station because you’ve got the next train within a few hours, just head over to platforms 7-8 and store your luggage at the station without any doubts.

What to Expect at Victoria Station?

Well, You’ve got a very long list of wonderful activities to complete if you’re in a central area like Victoria in London. Make sure you’ve got the time to visit all popular London attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s Gallery, Houses of Parliament, The London Eye and many more that are easily accessible from Victoria Station.

Victoria Station
Source: Wikipedia & Visit London

Victoria is also pretty well-known for its royal parks and you must not avoid visiting them as well. And then there is something extraordinary here which is of course the world-class shopping and dining experience. And the whole area around London Victoria station is also famous for its movie theatres like Apollo Victoria Theatre, and Victoria Palace Theater, you must pay a visit to them as well.

Victoria Station is equipped with every other facility you need to make your travel fun and enjoyable. Food stores by some of the well-known food franchises including Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Sloe Bar Cafe, and M & S are available around the station. Ticket counters and ticket machines are all around the station so that you get tickets to your destination easily. There are public telephones and ATMs installed that add more convenience. Other facilities such as public toilets, wifi, parking and a lot of other things are also available at the station.

Best Place to Stay near Victoria Station

The last option that remains to store luggage conveniently near Victoria Station is a hotel. But it might be the first option for some but it doesn’t guarantee to store luggage once you check-out the hotel. A hotel will be ideal for someone who is taking a break for the night in between his journey. But we definitely recommend booking a hotel as an alternate option to store luggage for anyone who intends to take a trip to London. So, here we have the most affordable options in London hotels.

The Z Hotel Victoria

The Z Hotel Victoria offers compact and luxurious accommodations. Victoria Rail and Underground Stations and Buckingham Palace are just a 5-minute walk away. Offers everything from air condition rooms to free wifi, and breakfast to 24×7 desk support as well as luggage storage. 

OYO Vegas Hotel 

Located less than 10 minute walk from Victoria Station, the Vegas Hotel is an elegant Victorian building that offers modern and clean rooms. It’s just 1.6 km from Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. One of the cheapest hotels in the area, breakfast, free wifi, and a few more things included. 

Premier Inn Victoria Hotel 

A modern budget hotel on a Victorian terrace which is a 6-minute walk from London Victoria train Station, tube and coach stations and a 15-minute walk to Buckingham Palace. It features free WiFi, suite bathrooms with showers, as well as tea and coffeemaking facilities, TVs and desks. One of the cheapest options available near the station. 

Jubilee Hotel 

A budget hotel located just outside the station, 400m away from the station, is the most affordable option in the Victoria area. Online booking might not be available always, Very minimal hotel with quality services, and has four-star ratings by guests.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Does London Victoria Station have left luggage?

Yes, Victoria Station has a left-luggage facility which is operated by the Excess Baggage Company. You can visit platforms 8-9 to store your items using their storage options and plans.

Where else I can store luggage near Victoria Station?

There are several places where you can store luggage near the station using storage solutions offered by some trusted and reliable companies such as BagsAway, Stasher, Vertoe, NannyBag, and more. 

What is the charge for storing luggage at Victoria Station?

The charge for storing luggage varies, but it will cost you around £1-3 per hour or £5-10 per day, left-luggage at the station turns out to be the most expensive option.

Where is London Victoria Station?

Victoria Station is located in the City of Westminster, south of Victoria Street and a 7-10 minutes walk away from Buckingham Palace.

What tube lines go to Victoria Station?

Being a major underground railway hub Victoria Station has strong connections with all three major tube lines including District Line, Circle Line, and the Victoria line.