King’s Cross Station

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Are you wondering “where to store luggage near King’s Cross Station?”. Well, look no further, because in this detailed guide we’ve put together all the relevant information that you need to store your luggage near the station.

Whether you are planning for a world-class shopping experience in London or you are planning to visit the world-famous London attractions such as Piccadilly Circus, or Trafalgar Square and don’t want to be bored by your baggage and its weight? Don’t worry, We got you.

There are plenty of great options to store luggage around King’s Cross Station.

About King’s Cross Station London

King's Cross Station
King’s Cross Station, Source:

King’s Cross Station also known as King’s Cross London is one of the most iconic railway terminals in the UK as well as one of the busiest ones that serves millions of passengers every single day. It’s located in the heart of London and with connections to all the six major underground lines, it’s considered a core hub for travellers. The station was opened in Kings Cross in 1852, and it became so well known for its association with the Harry Potter series, books, and films. 

From King’s Cross Railway Station, you can travel all around London and other major cities within the country. It connects all tourist attractions and places such as Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, London Eye, Hyde Park, and more. Being one of the busiest transport hubs the station itself is a lively place with several things to do and explore. You can easily reach all of London from the station, but for a hustle-free experience dropping off your baggage will help you discover the iconic London without struggles.

Is There a Left Luggage Facility at King’s Cross Station?

Yes, both options self-access lockers and Left Luggage by Excess Baggage are available at the station. The left luggage facility is a few minutes walk away from the station lobby area right opposite platforms 1-2. But keep in mind that this service is not available 24×7, it’s only accessible during the opening hours.

King's Cross Station Luggage Storage
Left Luggage facility at King’s Cross Station London

Whether you drop or pick up your items? it should be within that time frame. But the good news is the availability of the storage facility that gives you at least an alternative solution. The left luggage facility is provided and managed by Excess Baggage and it’s also the same facility where you can collect any lost property within King’s Cross Station. 

Here are more details about the left luggage facility at King Cross Station

Location: Opposite of platform 01 & 02
Opening Time: 08:30 AM – 11:59 PM, 7 Days a week
Contact: +44 7533 544428

Alternate Luggage Storage near King’s Cross Station

Some trusted companies offer luggage storage near Kings Cross London, they all have multiple bag drop locations within London. They allow you to spend your precious holiday time on the adventure by storing and managing your luggage effectively. Their bag drop locations are always open and ready to store your luggage at your convenience.

Using this kind of online service is easy and quick with online tools, maps, and direct bookings. And it provides all the security measures including insurance, security options, and well-trained and friendly staff. From booking your storage online to providing 24×7 customer support, discounted prices for long-term storage, and insurance cover for your items, they take care of everything.

There are no size limits to store your baggage with these storage providers and once you handed over your baggage to them you’re completely free and will be making the most of your time enjoyable.

Price for King Cross Luggage Storage

Well, the price to store luggage depends on the kind of Luggage storage available at the King’s Cross Station. However, if you’re going with a left-luggage facility within the station it costs more than any other storage service. Prices start at around £7.50 for the first 2 hours and £20 for anything between 2 and 24 hours.

But to get a cheaper rate that doesn’t take a lot of bucks out of your pocket, you can go with your prefered luggage storage which cost less. You get both long-term and short-term storage and if you choose to store for a longer term you may also get a solid discount. There are few luggage storage companies and the cost to store with them may vary depending on different factors but it’s anywhere between £1-3 per hour and £6-20 per day.

What to Expect at King’s Cross Station?

King's Cross Station
King’s Cross Station, Source:

Although, The King’s Cross London has the purpose of servicing millions of passengers the station is itself considered a famous destination. There is plenty to explore both on the inside and the outside of the station. You get a glimpse of the British Library by taking a few minutes to walk out of the King’s Cross. You also get to enjoy the dancing water fountain which is located a short distance from the station.

For those who love the harry potter series, books, and films they must checkout Platform 9 and ¾ as it appeared in the series several times. You’ll be amazed to see the monuments and statues around the station right from the outside entrance. What else King’s cross is known for? Well, it’s also well-known for its world-class dining, photography and memorable experiences.

The station is equipped with all other important facilities which include ticket counters, ticket machines, food shops and restaurants, general shops, parking and a lot more. And free wifi lets you have a much more fun time with unlimited internet access to watch your favourite shows. You can also visit some of the places nearby such as Granary Square, Central Saint Martins, Charles Dickens Museum, Regent’s Canal, and many more. And therefore, to get a hustle-free experience around the King’s Cross station make sure you store your luggage.

Best Place to Store Luggage Near King’s Cross

There are a few left luggage facilities and lockers within the station and outside the station as well where you can only store some of your small items like suitcases. However, there are no lockers that can store your heavy luggage.

Luggage storage providers have several locations surrounding the King’s Cross Station to store luggage. But the closest storage facility is located near Kings Cross – St. Pancras station which is 240m away from the station or 4 minutes walk away. No matter what time you want to store it, they are available 24×7 to store your luggage and allow you to collect it when you want. You’ll surely find out that storing luggage is now much easier.

Where to stay near King’s Cross Station London? 

You can store your luggage with luggage storage providers and check out to your hotel or Airbnb without worrying about luggage and bags. However, if all these options don’t work for you to store your items, especially luggage then booking a hotel or checking out an Airbnb will be the best option for you. And here are the top hotels to stay near King’s Cross Station.

Crestfield Hotel

Located In central London, less than 300 metres from London King’s Cross, the Crestfield Hotel offers comfortable rooms at great-value rates. Free wifi, parking, dining, everything is available, the rates start at $50 per night. 

Generator London

Great location in the vibrant area of Bloomsbury, vibrant hostel is near Russell Square Tube Station. The Generator London has an internet cafe, a lounge and a games room with pool tables. Affordable yet a luxury hotel, 0.6km away from King’s Cross London.

Alhambra Hotel

Alhambra Hotel is situated in central London, right next to King’s Cross St Pancras station. It offers affordable accommodation, 5 minute walk from the Eurostar at St Pancras International. It has dining, parking, internet and other facilities. It’s a little bit expensive stay.

The Exmouth Arms, Euston (PUBLOVE)

A modern hostel/hotel in central London, It offers free wifi, breakfast, walking tours, and a bar for 24 hours. 0.9 km away from the Kings Cross Station, 3.7 average review, starting price is $50 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Where can I store my luggage at King’s Cross Station?

Storing luggage at The King’s Cross station isn’t hard, there are several options. You can choose self-access storage (lockers) or Excess Baggage Storage or any other luggage storage company. Choosing their services will be more convenient and will help you with the process.

Q: How much does it cost to store luggage at King’s Cross Station

The cost of storing luggage is varying but it will cost you anywhere between £1-4 an hour or £6-20 per day. If you chose the Excess Baggage Co. it will be probably the most expensive one we recommend you go with our recommendation. 

Q: What is Kings Cross Station famous for?

The station has been getting attention for everything it has from the facilities to monuments inside, But it’s most famous for platform 9 ¾ and the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter series. 

Q: What Shops Are at King’s Cross Station?

Hotel Chocolat, Kiehl’s, Oliver Bonas, Pandora, Paperchase, Rituals, and Urban Decay, and a few other shops. Make sure you visit The Harry Porter Shop to get a collection of items shown in the series.