Waterloo Station

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Are you roaming around Waterloo Station London and worrying about your luggage and where you can store them? Well, stop worrying. Because in this guide, we have shared all the updated information to make you free from your luggage and go enjoy the wonders of London.

Whether you are discovering London and its iconic attractions or you’re planning for a sweet dinner to build London memories, having to carry luggage may destroy all your plans. Therefore, it’s important to store your luggage somewhere to make all your plans work properly for attractions close to Waterloo Station.

Well, You’ve got the solution to your problem. There are several luggage storage facilities available near London Water Station.

About London Waterloo Station

London Waterloo is the largest railway station in the country in terms of floor space and it has the greatest number of platforms in any railway terminal. With over a hundred million entries and exits to and from the station every year, Waterloo station has been a place of important arrivals and departures. It’s also among the busiest stations in London. It is located on the South Bank, directly east of the London Eye and the London Aquarium and northeast of Westminster Bridge.  

Waterloo Station
London Waterloo Station, Source: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/

The station doesn’t only handle the passengers travelling within the country but it also handles arrivals and departures to Europe’s top destinations such as Paris in France and Belgium in Germany and a few more European cities.

The station was opened in 1848 and was rebuilt in 1853, and it was expanded a few times over subsequent decades. Waterloo Station London is managed by the National Rail network in the United Kingdom and it has links to almost every major city, tourist attraction, airport, station and locality in London.

Is There a Left-Luggage Facility or Lockers at Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station
Locker at a station, Source: https://bmmagazine.co.uk/

Unfortunately, there is no self-access locker or left luggage facility at the station which disappoints thousands of travellers like you. And it means that travellers should look elsewhere when they need to store their bags and luggage or any other item. 

At the same time, Tourist attractions that are located near London Waterloo Station such as the London Eye and the London Aquarium, don’t allow you to store your bags when you visit them. It’s totally hard to store luggage within the station and it’s up to you whether you store it somewhere or carry your luggage all day.

Alternate Luggage Storage near London Waterloo Station

Although the station doesn’t provide any kind of Luggage Storage it doesn’t mean you can’t store your luggage and bags, and other items you have. There are plenty of different and cheaper options out there to store your luggage. Most of these storage providers are companies such as BagsAway, Stasher, Bagsbnb, and NannyBags which are pretty good at storing and managing luggage better than traditional storage or lockers available at the station.

The benefit of choosing this kind of luggage storage outside the station is that it gives you more control over your items. You can store them for a single hour or a few weeks if needed. It’s easy, costs less, is convenient, safe and much easier than anything else. Upon all of this, they all offer an extremely secure environment for your important items with insurance up to $1200. You get customer support, and without size and weight limit you can leave and collect your items anytime.

How Much Does it Cost to Store Luggage Near London Waterloo Station?

Even though there is no size limit to store luggage with companies that offer storage facilities partnering with different hotels, Airbnb, and shops, The cost of luggage storage still depends on the kind of storage you are looking for. But most of them are going to charge you anywhere between £1-5 per hour for an item, and £6-24 for a day.

But to get a more affordable rate, you can go for a longer term as the service providers allow you to store for as long as you want. Both long-term and short-term facility gives you more flexibility and better prices, you may get a discount anywhere between 10-60% for choosing long-term luggage storage.

Best Location to Store Luggage near Waterloo Station?

Although there are quite a few locations within London where storage facilities are located and offered by all those luggage storage companies, the nearest location you can go with is just 150m away from London Waterloo. 

Because there is no left-luggage facility at the station, Another nearest location where you can easily drop your luggage off is Blackfriars St. near Southwark station where you find a place to store. And then each company has different locations all over the city that stores luggage conveniently. You can always go with the one closest to you and help you according to your needs.

What to Expect at Waterloo Station?

There is a lot to expect at Waterloo Station. Because the station is in central London and close to Lambeth and Southwark, you get a great chance to visit some of the most iconic and breathtaking places including The London Eye, Trafalgar Square, The South Bank, St. Jonas Waterloo, County Hall, and more. And the station itself is a great and safe place to explore, from the entrance to the exit, the large station lobby area to the platforms it’s like a world-class walking tour. 

Waterloo Station London
Source: hotels.com

You get a variety of food options, and there are food stores by some of the well-known food companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, M & S, and Starbucks, You can try some of the fresh and spicy things from their menu. You also get the option to do shopping as well with companies like Accessorize London, Bagel Factory, Boots, and WHSmith. So shopping and dining are things you can expect at Waterloo Station London.

The opening hours start at 04:30 AM and the arrival time for the last passenger train is 01:05 AM midnight. The ticket office is located opposite platforms 16-17 and ticket machines are around the station. Information decks can be found around the station and in the waiting area as well. Free wifi is available for passengers to make the experience smoother, and in case of anything you want to do online while waiting for your train, it keeps you connected. There are several ATMs in the station where you can withdraw cash if needed.

Where to Stay near Waterloo Station?   

London Waterloo Station Luggage Storage
Source: VisitLondon

Storing luggage is quite easy, it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. But in case you don’t want to store with a storage facility then the next remaining option is checking out a hotel or Airbnb that makes storing easy. However, You can check out a hotel or hostel without your luggage handing it over to the storage companies because it comes with insurance. And here are the top affordable stays near Waterloo Station.

London Waterloo Hostel

The cheapest 2-star hotel available in the area, 900m away from the station, offers free wifi and internet, breakfast and more, but has a three-star rating on the internet, reasonable stay, and affordable rates that start from £30 per night.

Travelodge London Central Waterloo

A 3-star hotel with 4-star ratings, located just 450m away from Waterloo station, features a bar and restaurants for convenience, offers a comfortable stay, a budget-friendly hotel but not the cheapest option, starting at £60 per night.

Citadines Trafalgar Square

Citadines Trafalgar Square London offers modern, self-catering accommodation in central London. It’s one of the best hotels to explore Trafalgar Square as it is just 150 metres away, and Embankment Underground Station is a 2-minute walk. The distance between Waterloo and the hotel is around 1km, it’s an expensive stay. 

The Walrus Bar & Hostel

Hostel over a hip bar, offering dorms and a private room, free breakfast, Wi-Fi and towels, located at a short distance from waterloo, a very budget-oriented hotel with all facilities, staying for one night costs around £30. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there luggage storage at London Waterloo?

Unfortunately, there is no lockers or luggage storage facility within the station. But one can store luggage or items by finding a location with luggage storage companies like BagsAway, Stasher, Bagbnb, NannyBag, and more.

Where in London is Waterloo Station?

Waterloo Station is located in the Waterloo area which is a district in central London, It is part of the Bishops ward of the London Borough of Lambeth, United Kingdom.

What are the opening hours at Waterloo Station?

London Waterloo Station is open, Monday – Saturday: 05:30 – 23:15. Sunday: 06:30 – 22:30.

Where can I buy food at London Waterloo Station?

Waterloo Station has several food and drinks stores at the location. That includes Burger King, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, M & S foods, and many other options. The stores are located all around the station and outside the station as well.

Is luggage storage safe near Waterloo?

Yes, It is but make sure you check the insurance policy and safety measures before storing your luggage with any of the storage companies.