Euston Station

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Are you looking for a solution to store your luggage at Euston Station London? Well, don’t worry! we have got you covered, and in this guide, we will tell you everything about storing luggage conveniently at or near the London Euston railway station.

Euston Station is among the very first inter-city railway terminals in London. It was opened in 1837 for the first time and it has been expanded a few times since to hold the higher capacity of the passengers. You get several trains that run to and from Euston to the major cities of Bermingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Euston being one of the busiest stations in the city and the 11th busiest railway terminal in the United Kingdom makes it very hard for someone to carry heavy luggage and bags all around the station. And during the heavy rush in trains to the major tourist attractions in London, it’s very tough to keep your luggage with you.

If exploring London is your primary goal then you must not let your day be ruined by carrying your luggage all the time to all those lovely places. To make your London experience enriching, you have to drop off your luggage, Because most of the attractions don’t allow you to store bags or luggage.

So let’s be free from that junky and heavy luggage you have. Here’s a detailed brief on how to store and manage them more effectively.  

Euston Station
Euston Station, Source

Luggage Storage at Euston Station

Storing luggage with a Luggage Storage company is the ultimate solution that keeps your luggage and bags away from you and helps you to have the best London experience. There are several bag drop locations right next to Euston Station and all around London provided by different luggage storage companies such as BagsAway, Stasher, NannyBags, Bagsbnb and more. You can easily find your preferred location by interacting with the map they provide on their websites. And once you drop off your luggage, a hustle-free day in London is guaranteed.

Worrying about what kind of luggage they store? Well, Any kind of luggage without the size limit including bags, backpacks, trolleys, and so on. No matter the size and weight of your luggage or how long do you want to store it? they will take of it very comfortably. Some of them might not offer exactly the same facilities but most of them provide storage without limit. You are always allowed to collect it at your convenience and choose how you want to pay for the service, if by the hour or per day.

Left Luggage Facility at Euston Station

Euston Station
Left-Luggage at the Euston Station, Source:

The best alternative option to store and drop your luggage off would be the left-luggage facility available at Euston Station provided by Excess Baggage Co. and you can leave your luggage for a few hours there. But it’s only accessible during the opening hours of the station, and it’s not the best if you’re planning to store your luggage for a few days or an even longer term.

It also costs a little higher than any other luggage storage. Lost properties can be collected from the same left luggage facility at the station. And here are all the details that are helpful if you’re planning to store your luggage within the station.

Opening Time: 07:00 AM – 01:30 AM | Mon – Sat
Location: Near platforms 16-18
Contact: +44 (0)20 3468 4670 or [email protected]

What is The Cost of Storing Luggage at Euston Station?

Well, the cost depends on the duration of the storage and sometimes sizes too. Storing luggage at the Left-Luggage facility offered by Excess Baggage Co. will cost you £5-8 per item for three hours or a total of £8-10 per item for 24 hours.

However, with the flexible pricing, these luggage storage companies cost as less as £1.5/hour and £6-10 for 24 hours and this is why we consider them a more affordable option. And with features like free cancellation, long-term storage discounts, no size limit, and 24×7 support, a traditional storage service doesn’t even come closer to this kind of storage service. Moreover, security is guaranteed with free insurance of up to £1200 which is higher compared what the left-luggage facility offers.

Flexible & Easy to use

The reason behind our recommendation for this specific self-booking service is the flexibility it offers. It allows online booking, It’s convenient, easy to use, secure, and far better than anything else you can go with.

Best Place to Store Luggage around Euston Station London

Although there are quite a few nearby locations where you can easily drop off your luggage and pick them up anytime, we suggest choosing the nearest location to the Euston which is Sq. Station & Warren St. Station. And here’s why

Located just 5-10 minutes walk away
Opens daily between 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Online booking is also available
Your luggage and bags are insured securely

What to Expect at Euston Station?

Euston London is one of the busiest railway stations in Britain and it serves nearly 75 million passengers each year. It’s the gateway to all attractions, stations, and cities located across the country.

Upon entering the station you’ll see the large screen where you can track the timing of your trains and their departure locations. The opening time of the station is mostly from 04:30 AM morning to 01:30 AM midnight, but the station has different timing on Saturday. Ticket counters and ticket machines are located in different locations within the station. There are other facilities which include Information decks, ticket offices, ATMs, Seating rooms/waiting rooms, Public telephones, parking, and more.

Euston Station

And whether you are looking to kill your hunger with some delicious food or you want to purchase a collection of books and goodies? You get everything, there are several food stores such as The Single Box, AMT Coffe, Starbucks, Prime Burger, and a few others located all around the Euston station to satisfy your hunger. You also get to enjoy unlimited free wifi at the station.

Best Hotels Around Euston Station

We are here to share the best locations to store your luggage, However, these details will be helpful to you if you want an alternate option by booking one of the hotels nearby. And here are the best affordable hotels that make storing and resting easy.  

The Exmouth Arms, Euston (PUBLOVE)

250m away from the station, a budget-friendly hotel that allows you to stay and keep your bags and trolleys with you. 4.1 star rating, the starting price is $50 per night. It’s an award-winning hostel set above a traditional London pub next to Euston Station.

Generator London

Located at a short distance of 300m only from the station area, among the affordable option to stay, and has free wifi, a restaurant and a bar. It costs more than £30 to stay for one night.

Clink 261 Hotel

1km away from the station area, Comfortable stay, air conditioning, free wifi, 3.9 solid reviews by thousands of people, away from heavy traffic and noise, expensive and starting at $60 per night.

YHA London St Pancras

Located at a distance of 0.5km from Euston Station on Euston road in the centre of London, the YHA hostel is very affordable and offers easy access to Euston and Kings Cross, as well as St Pancras Station. There is a 24-hour reception, and free Wi-Fi is available.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Is there luggage storage at Euston Station?

There are no self-access lockers at Euston Station London. However, you can store your luggage at the left-luggage facility offered by Excess Baggage. Alternatively, You can choose any other storage provider that costs less than Excess Baggage.

Q: How do I get to London Euston Railway Station 

You can get to London Euston Railway Station (EUS) (London Euston Railway Station) by Bus, Train or Tube, and DLR. It has connections and routes from every corner of London. The Warren Street station is the nearest one to London Euston Railway Station (EUS)

Q: What is the nearest tube station to Euston Station?

The Warren Street tube station is the nearest station to London Euston, the distance between the two stations is around 1500 feet. And warrant Street tube station is connected with famous locations including Charing Cross and Victoria.

Q: Is Euston London a safe area?

Euston station is set back from Euston Square and Euston Road on the London Inner Ring Road in central London which is considered a safe neighbourhood. But considering the safety, you may avoid walking in the area alone during nighttime.